Explore the versatility of Tryptic, available in two distinct configurations to cater to your specific needs


Tryptic Rover

Ideal for nomadic applications, this version features lightweight solar panels, making it perfect for situations where mobility is key. Whether you're in the rental business, a first response organization, event organizer, or peacekeeping missions, Tryptic ROVER is your reliable solar companion. Its motorized system allows remote opening and closing, integrating seamlessly with smart home setups for weather-responsive adjustments.


Tryptic Raptor

Designed for stability and efficiency, this version boasts conventional solar panels. Slightly heavier and more cost-effective, Tryptic Raptor suits non-nomadic applications, providing robust energy solutions for various settings. Just like its counterpart, it incorporates a motorized system for remote control and can be integrated with smart home systems, ensuring optimal energy production throughout the day.

Shared Features

Both versions are equipped with motorized systems for remote panel control, allowing you to adjust tilt angles and ensure maximum energy production. Additionally, they can be fitted with a backshield, safeguarding the upper solar modules during adverse weather conditions. Whether you opt for the nimble ROVER or the steadfast Raptor, both variants offer the flexibility of being ballasted or anchored securely using foundation screws (not included), making Tryptic the ultimate solar solution for your dynamic energy needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tryptic ?

Tryptic Raptor is an innovative solar power generation system designed for residential and commercial use. It combines advanced tracking technology with self-protection features, ensuring optimal energy production and durability.

How does the tracking system work?

Tryptic Raptor's single-axis tracking system follows the sun's movement throughout the day, maximizing energy production by up to 25% compared to fixed solar panels.

What is the self-protection feature?

Tryptic Raptor's self-defense feature is a mechanism that takes input from a weather station or other sources, detecting severe weather conditions. It automatically retracts, placing the upper panel in a reversed position, showing the back of the panel or the optional protection shield to the sky. This protects the cells of the three modules from hailstorms or flying objects.

Is Tryptic Raptor suitable for commercial use?

Absolutely, Tryptic Raptor is designed for both residential and commercial applications. Its scalability makes it ideal for businesses seeking sustainable energy solutions.

What maintenance does Tryptic Raptor require?

Tryptic Raptor requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of the solar panels and ensuring the tracking system's functionality are usually sufficient to keep it operating optimally.

Is Tryptic Raptor compatible with battery storage systems?

Yes, Tryptic Raptor can be coupled with battery storage systems, allowing you to store excess energy generated during the day for use during the night or in case of power outages.

What is the warranty period for Tryptic Raptor?

Tryptic comes with a comprehensive 5-year warranty, ensuring product reliability and customer satisfaction. Solar panels and inverters come with a warranty from their respective manufacturers, usually 25 or 30 years.