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Tryptic Raptor™

A prefabricated Solar Power Plant with adjustable tilt angle

Tryptic Raptor 1200

Tryptic Raptor 1200

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Tryptic Raptor is a groundbreaking prefabricated solar array designed to harness solar energy efficiently and effortlessly. This innovative solar solution is the first of its kind, bringing a seamless integration of advanced technology and sustainable energy production to residential and commercial applications.


Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Plug-and-Play Convenience: Tryptic Raptor comes in a user-friendly 3-module design, fully equipped with micro-inverters and pre-wired for easy installation. Homeowners can simply plug it into their exterior socket to start generating clean solar power immediately, covering a substantial portion of their energy needs.

  2. Versatile Mounting Options: The Raptor can be securely fixed to the ground using foundation screws or ballasted with sandbags or stones, giving homeowners flexibility in choosing the best mounting method for their property. An optional motorized feature allows for remote opening and closing, maximizing solar exposure throughout the day.

  3. Integrated Intelligence: Soon, the Tryptic Raptor will boast integrated intelligence, leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence to make autonomous decisions and optimize energy production. With advanced sensors continuously monitoring weather conditions and other parameters, the Raptor will intelligently adjust its positioning for optimal energy capture.


Revolutionizing Solar Energy Production

Tryptic Raptor represents a transformative shift in the solar energy landscape. Its advanced adaptability and intelligence make it an ideal solution for homeowners, effectively integrating renewable energy generation with smart technology.


Sustainable Future with Tryptic Raptor

Tryptic Raptor is paving the way for a sustainable future, enabling homeowners to generate their own clean energy while reducing dependence on fossil fuels. By embracing this advanced solar array, homeowners contribute to a greener world, fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living.

Availability and Projects

We are proud to announce that Tryptic Raptor will be available for sale during the second half of 2023. We are already accepting projects from interested parties, including residential homeowners and businesses eager to take advantage of this cutting-edge solar solution.

Be at the forefront of the solar energy revolution by embracing Tryptic Raptor.


Transform your property into an intelligent, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly power station, leading the way towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

Enhancing Tryptic Raptor's Potential


More kWh per square meter

The ability to fold down the side panels means efficient land utilization, resulting in more solar panels within the same area. This breakthrough feature translates to a higher energy output, maximizing the productivity of solar farms.


With Tryptic Raptor, every inch of land becomes a valuable source of clean and renewable energy.

Single Axis Tracking

In the near future, by autumn 2023, Tryptic Raptor will stand at the forefront of solar innovation with its groundbreaking, patented single-axis tracking system, revolutionizing the industry.

Unlike traditional complex tracking systems reserved mainly for solar farms due to their exorbitant production costs, Tryptic Raptor will introduce a new era of simplicity and affordability.

Our cutting-edge tracking technology will empower not only large-scale solar farms but also residential solar installations with unprecedented precision, maximizing energy harvest by up to 30% based on location.


Tryptic's Resilience Against Harsh Elements

Today, Tryptic offers an innovative metal shield, providing exceptional protection against strong winds, heavy hail, and snow. This metal shield is available to ensure your solar panels remain shielded during adverse weather conditions, safeguarding your investment and enhancing long-term efficiency.

Excitingly, by the end of 2023, Tryptic will introduce a revolutionary software and motorization update, allowing Tryptic Raptor to autonomously respond to harsh elements by itself. During snow events, the updated Tryptic Raptor will remain closed and will periodically open to efficiently evacuate accumulated snowfall. This groundbreaking autonomous weather response ensures uninterrupted solar energy generation, empowering homeowners with a truly resilient and reliable solar solution.

With the metal shield already in place and the autonomous weather response arriving soon, Tryptic Raptor sets a new standard for solar protection and adaptability.


More kWp per cubic meter

With efficient packaging, up to 18 Tryptic Raptor units can be charged on a single pallet, consolidating their immense potential into a space-saving form. Within a standard 40-foot container, over 177 kWp of total power output comes to life. This remarkable feat empowers large-scale solar projects, streamlining logistics, and enabling cost-effective deployments.

Beyond utility-scale applications, this scalability feature proves equally advantageous for distributed solar installations, optimizing energy generation without compromising space. Tryptic Raptor enables commercial enterprises and residential communities to achieve increased energy independence, reduced carbon footprints, and long-term cost savings.

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