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PWRstation mobile solar solutions


Solar Power. Simply Delivered.

Simplify and accelerate solar deployments

​PWRstation’s EXOrac retractable solar racking technology brings an entirely new dimension to solar installations: 

  • PV installation up to 16 times faster than any existing racking system available today

  • Bring solar energy generation where traditional fixed PV installations are not an option

  • Eliminate high upfront capital investment, leasing options

  • Relocate assets as needed

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EXOrac Mobile Solar Racking Technology

Today, PWRstation and its global network of licensees and system integrators are working together to provide pre-packaged hybrid energy solutions that can energize entire communities at ultra-rapid speeds, including refugee camps, but also give them access to pure water, nutrition, health and education.

PWRstation mobile solar solutions

Emergency, Island, Rural Electrification and Defense

EXOrac based solar microgrids can serve as standalone power sources or be paired with diesel gensets to run in hybrid mode.  And because EXOrac uses “open architecture” - based technology, our licensee and system integrators can integrate any type of batteries, inverters and microgrid controllers.

PWRstation mobile solar solutions


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) selected PWRstation’s innovative retractable and transportable EXOrac solar racking technology because of its ability to simplify and speed up remote installations, reduce the need for onsite labor, reduce the risk of missing parts upon delivery, and ability to provide third party leasing in emerging markets 

PWRstation mobile solar solutions

Time to Market

EXOrac technology brings an entirely new dimension to solar installations.

Engineered to simplify and accelerate solar activations, EXOrac makes installations up to 16 times faster than any existing system available today.

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