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Tryptic™ arrays revolutionize deployment of fixed and mobile solar power with unparalleled speed and flexibility,  accommodating small to utility-scale projects while using a minimum of trained personnel.


Fighting the Expert Shortage with Tryptic™ Plug & Play Solar arrays

The solar energy industry is growing steadily as more and more individuals, businesses, and governments realize the many benefits of switching to renewable energy sources. However, with demand so great, current growth is being impeded by an increasing shortage of solar installation experts in many parts of the world.



The Tryptic™ prefabricated solar arrays  alleviates this problem with its “no-wait” installation.  With Tryptic™ you get:


  • Rapid all-in-one permanent / mobile site installations

  • Easily customizable products for a variety of roof types and locations

  • Advanced design for easier maintenance and increased efficiency

  • Minimal installation training due to its simplified design and assembly process

The All-in-One - No Wait Solution

Tryptic is designed to address the recurring problems of the solar energy industry with a single product:

  • Sun tracking for maximum production, on the ground or on a flat roof

  • Quick and easy installation to cope with shortage of installation experts

  • Adaptability to uneven or ineligible terrain for solar power generation

  • Resilience and high availability despite severe weather

More Preassembled Solar Power Per Container 

Packs more pre-assembled transportable solar power per cubic meter than any other system on the market. This means fewer moving parts and lower intermodal  transport costs.


Fast and Easy Deployment

Delivered onsite preassembled and pre-wired, eliminating the need to send costly hard-to-find installation professionals to remote locations for long periods.

Just unload, unfold and plug in.

Adjustable solar panels

Tryptic features its proprietary Dynamic Balancing SystemTM  that allows the two side panels to b deployed and adjusted to optimal angle without effort. 

This feature also allows Tryptic (Raptor) to follow the sun, and to close like a turtle in severe weather.

Proprietary technology

Tryptic technology has been developed to offer maximum integration and unmatched modularity.

  • MC4 cables and connectors are embedded in the metal structure

  • Weather protection grid (shield) incorporated into the upper solar module

  • Chassis design and perforations optimized for the use of Quick Clips to hold the system deployed/closed and to secure stacking on pallets

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