PWRstation is a leading provider of innovative solar solutions for the commercial and residential sectors, making clean energy accessible and efficient worldwide


Dyptic is a straightforward solar solution designed for both professional installers and homeowners alike.


Unfolding into a dependable two-panel solar array, Dyptic ensures effortless installation. Its prefabricated design not only guarantees reliability but also saves installers valuable time and costs, making solar projects more efficient and budget-friendly.


They have the choice to go for the version equipped with a micro inverter, making it plug-and-play ready for their home's power socket. Plus, with the system arriving prefabricated and prewired, they can avoid unnecessary installation costs and save on valuable time.



Tryptic is the epitome of solar innovation, catering to both seasoned installers and environmentally conscious homeowners.


Tryptic offers rapid deployment and significant cost reductions. Its prefabricated design ensures quick assembly and streamlined installation processes, making it an ideal choice for professionals in the field.


Tryptic offers the simplicity of a micro inverter, seamlessly plugging into the home power socket, mirroring the ease of the Dyptic solution. With Tryptic, harnessing solar power becomes effortless and intuitive, making sustainable energy a seamless part of your daily life.


Tryptic Symbios

Smart Agrivoltaic Solutions for Sustainable Farming

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About us

At PWRstation, we stand as solar energy pioneers in Biel, Switzerland, specializing in the design and promotion of rapid deployment, prefabricated solar energy solutions. Our mission is clear: to seamlessly and efficiently make solar energy accessible to everyone.

In close collaboration with installers, we provide ready-to-assemble products for large-scale solar installations. Homeowners, too, can benefit from our plug-and-play solutions, transforming residences into sources of clean, renewable energy.

Innovation is embedded in our DNA. Our groundbreaking technology ensures swift installations, saving valuable time and resources, contributing to a more sustainable energy future. With our products, you can actively participate in building a greener world, one solar panel at a time.

Licensed technology

It's essential to note that both Tryptic and Dyptic are technologies utilized by PWRstation under license from Quantum Leap Concepts (QLC). These innovations enhance our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions.


Join us in our mission to democratize solar energy, one rooftop at a time. Together, let's script the energy future of tomorrow with PWRstation and the pioneering technologies from Quantum Leap Concepts (QLC).

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