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Tryptic delivers rapid deployment solar power for permanent and mobile projects with unequaled speed and flexibility for small to utility-scale projects using a minimum of trained personnel


Fighting the Expert Shortage with Tryptic™ Prefabricated Solar array

The solar energy industry is growing steadily as more and more people realize the many benefits of switching to renewable energy sources. However, this growth is hampered by a shortage of experts that hinders the installation of solar panels in many parts of the world. Prefabricated solar panel systems can help alleviate this problem and save time while combating the current shortage of qualified installers.

In addition to saving time, the TRYPTIC™ family of products offers several other advantages over traditional installations. For one, they feature an advanced design that allows for easier maintenance and increased efficiency over time. In addition, because these systems are designed for quick site assembly, they can be easily customized to fit a variety of roof types or locations - even if access is limited or space is at a premium.

Finally, Tryptic™ systems offer an ideal solution for those without access to qualified installers or specialized equipment. These systems require minimal training due to their simplified design and assembly process, so non-professionals are able to quickly learn how to install them properly.

Overall, the Tryptic family of products offers a viable solution to the expert shortage currently plaguing the global solar industry. Not only do these systems save time during installation and reduce the costs associated with subsequent maintenance tasks, but they also allow non-professionals with basic skills to quickly get started with solar panel installation, helping to accelerate growth in this exciting field of renewable energy production!

Thinking outside the box

Tryptic is designed to address the recurring problems of the solar energy industry with a single product:

- Sun tracking for maximum production, on the ground or on a flat roof
- Quick and easy installation to cope with shortage of installation experts
- Adaptability to uneven or ineligible terrain for solar power generation
- Resilience and high availability despite severe weather

Proprietary technology

Tryptic technology has been developed to offer maximum integration and unmatched modularity.

  • MC4 cables and connectors are embedded in the metal structure

  • Weather protection grid (shield) incorporated into the upper solar module

  • Chassis design and perforations optimized for the use of Quick Clips to hold the system deployed/closed and to secure stacking on pallets

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