Discover the future of agrivoltaics with Tryptic Symbios, a groundbreaking solution that transcends the boundaries of traditional solar agriculture


Built on the proven reactive solar technology of Tryptic, Symbios offers a multitude of tailored benefits to meet the diverse needs of modern farming.

Maximum Solar Energy Optimization

Symbios empowers farmers to maximize their solar energy production per hectare. By intelligently closing, it opens up spacious work corridors, allowing the installation of more solar panels and optimizing energy production.

Embedded tracking functionality

Tryptic Symbios single-axis tracking system follows the sun's movement throughout the day, maximizing energy production by up to 15% compared to fixed solar panels.

Smart and Versatile Protection

Beyond weather resilience, Symbios adapts to various agricultural requirements. It can be equipped with taller poles to facilitate livestock passage in pastures, making its usage incredibly versatile.

Adaptability to Agricultural Needs

Symbios can be programmed to align with each specific crop or agricultural scenario. This flexibility ensures precise responsiveness to the farmer's evolving needs, enhancing efficiency and yield.

Enhanced Sustainability and Cost Reduction

Leveraging Tryptic's reactive technology, Symbios ensures efficient use of solar energy, fostering environmental sustainability while reducing energy costs for farmers.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

With user-friendly interfaces and streamlined maintenance procedures, Symbios offers a hassle-free user experience, ultimately cutting operational costs for farmers.


Optimum working temperatures have a beneficial effect on operating voltage, helping to improve overall energy production. This impact is particularly significant under conditions of high irradiation.

  1. The article below also explores how the vertical position of solar panels seems to keep their temperature lower, with implications for voltage and other aspects.


With Tryptic Symbios, farmers can harness the full potential of solar energy while optimizing agricultural production, creating a perfect balance between sustainability, yield, and versatility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tryptic Symbios?

Tryptic Symbios is an advanced agrivoltaic solution based on Tryptic's responsive solar technology, integrating solar panels with agricultural fields to optimize energy production and crop growth.

How does Tryptic Symbios work?

Tryptic Symbios utilizes responsive solar panels that track the sun, providing optimal sunlight to crops. It also features self-defense mechanisms and remote programming capabilities for tailored agricultural and energy needs.

What benefits does Tryptic Symbios offer?

Tryptic Symbios maximizes energy production, enhances crop yields, minimizes installation time, and reduces risks associated with changing weather conditions.

Can Tryptic Symbios be customized for different crops?

Yes, Tryptic Symbios is highly customizable, allowing farmers to adjust panel angles and configurations to cater to specific crop requirements.

Is Tryptic Symbios suitable for all types of weather?

Tryptic Symbios is engineered to endure diverse weather conditions, from powerful winds to hailstorms. Its unique feature allows the solar panels to close and stand vertically, significantly decreasing wind load by threefold during side winds. Moreover, this innovative design serves as a protective shield, preventing hail from damaging the solar panels, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the most challenging weather scenarios.

How does the remote programming feature work?

Farmers can remotely program Tryptic Symbios using a user-friendly interface, allowing them to align the system with changing agricultural needs.

Can Tryptic Symbios be expanded over time?

Yes, Tryptic Symbios is scalable, allowing additional arrays to be added as energy demands increase or agricultural areas expand.

How can I implement Tryptic Symbios on my farm?

Simply give us a call, and we'll connect you with a skilled installer in your local area. Our network of certified professionals ensures that your installation experience is smooth and tailored to your specific needs. Rest assured, we're here to assist you every step of the way.