PWRstation Enters the Middle East with its Transportable Genesis S-Class Solar Generator

PWRstation Genesis 1.5kWp Opening

Lausanne, Switzerland, 24 October, 2016 —PWRstation is pleased to welcome renewable energy service  & supply company Nektar Energy™ as the latest partner to the company’s rapidly growing global Value Added Reseller (VAR) network. Nektar Energy™ provides solar generation, power management and hybrid energy storage technologies for the grid-connect and off-grid sectors, with an emphasis on oil and gas operations in the Gulf Cooperation Council States (GCC) and in the parts of the world where sustained power supply is a challenge. The company will be the first to roll-out PWRstation’s containerized Genesis Class S20–96 solar genset, used in conjunction with the Nektar Energy HIVE™ power management and storage system, providing solar generation and energy storage for an integrated solution to temporary and medium term power requirements. 

Swiss-based PWRStation is the solar product developer that designs and markets industrial grade activation-ready solar generators based on EXOrac™, the company’s proprietary retractable PV racking technology. EXOrac™ is engineered to simplify and accelerate the installation of solar projects, enable deployments of varying durations, and provide customers with the ability to relocate solar assets when and where needed, including sites with time and land constraints where traditional installations are not an option. 

The remote nature of most oil drilling, mining and telecom sites, creates a requirement for sustained energy supply, this has made solar energy and stored energy a particularly attractive option. The Genesis Class S20-96 and Nektar Energy HIVE™ offers an all-in-one solution. 

Nektar Energy’s CEO, Michael Gregory, is particularly enthusiastic about PWRstation solutions. “We see enormous opportunities using the S-Class for powering remote oil and gas drilling sites, where electricity can account for more than 30 percent of a site’s operational costs.” Gregory adds, “our strategy combines PWRstation’s S-Class with the Nektar Energy HIVE™, our innovative power management and storage system, enabling us to offer our customers a truly cost-effective off-grid energy solution.” 

Now making its debut, the Genesis Class S20–96 comes with PWRstation’s proprietary retractable EXOrac™ racking system technology intelligently integrated in a standard 20-foot container for inter-modal transport, including 96 panels, inverters and wiring. This particular configuration is specified for power outputs between 28.8 kWp and 38.4 kWp depending on PV panels. The 2017 S-Class product line-up also includes the Class S10–24 with a power output between 7.2 kWp and 9.6 kWp. 

Gregory adds, “Today our customers need flexibility, and tying up capital in 25-year land commitments to accommodate fixed solar installations that can take months or years to build doesn’t work in the oil and gas, mining or telecom industries.” He adds, “PWRstation’s S-Class product line-up is pre- assembled, transportable, and scalable, and is plug and play compatible with the Nektar Energy HIVE™. This gives us the flexibility to offer our clients temporary or long term power options at almost any level of output.


The S-Class gensets and Nektar Energy HIVE™ units are transportable, and are perfect for low upfront capital leasing and renting.”

 PWRstation’s co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer Ludovic Roche says, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Nektar Energy™. It’s just the kind of highly active, growth-oriented renewable energy supplier we seek. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.”

About Nektar Energy: Nektar Energy™ supplies grid-interactive and off-grid Renewable and Back-up Power systems world-wide. The Company is a turnkey partner, providing support for everything from design to balance of system components. Nektar Energy™ is a Value Added Reseller for PWRstation, a Master Distributor for Schneider Electric, and a Global Partner of Aquion Energy, a battery manufacturing company. Through these relationships, The Company offers leading products and technologies to the renewable energy sector. Nektar Energy™ has operations based in Scottsdale, Arizona USA and Dubai, UAE.


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About PWRstation: PWRstation is a solar products development company committed to clean, renewable and environmentally sustainable energy that is affordable, easy to access and rapid to activate. PWRstation designs and markets preassembled transportable solar genset solutions using EXOrac™, the company’s proprietary retractable solar racking system technology uniquely engineered to simplify and accelerate the implementation of today’s solar installations in grid and off- grid environments. The company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland with offices in the US. PWRstation is supported by the SPEco and Développement Économique de Vaud and is a member of SEIA Swisscleantech, Electrosuisse and Swissolar.

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