Emerging Swiss-based solar product development company introduces "game-changing" B2B solar energy solution.

PWRstation Genesis 1.5kWp Closed
PWRstation Genesis 1.5kWp Opening
PWRstation Genesis 1.5kWp Opening

Lausanne, Switzerland, July 1, 2016 – PWRstation, the Swiss-based solar product development company known for its unique retractable solar racking technology (EXOractm) announced its forthcoming flagship solar solution designed to substantially improve the way people work and live in emerging markets where basic electricity is scarce; while meeting today’s growing demand for renewable energy from the commercial, industrial, military, emergency services and rural electrification sectors. 

The company is now taken orders for its fully-integrated transportable Genesis Class S 30 solar genset which will be available for delivery in Q1, 2017, and which includes equipment rental options with its introduction.


Unlike fixed installations, the Genesis can be relocated and repurposed for long or variable-term power generation, offering end-users and operators unprecedented flexibility and range of use.  As the Genesis is transportable, it can also be easily repossessed in case of non-payment, an important consideration for those responsible for financing projects in markets where default rates high.


The company’s rental strategy substantially facilitates end user and operator access to solar-generated electricity by eliminating the front end capital outlay typically required for solar installations.    Whether a customer is located in an urban or remote off-grid environment, with rental fees starting as low as $735/month for an energy output of 28.8 KWp, solar has never been easier or faster to access.


"After a few weeks of testing our equipment rental business model we already have several groups in the UAE and Brazil that are committing to reserve their Class S now for delivery at the end of the year,” says PWRstation Chief Business Development Officer Ludovic Roche.


Once landed, the rugged, fully-loaded Genesis Class S 30 powerhouse will open its container side panels and deploy nearly 100 standard-sized high performance solar modules in a matter of minutes, delivering 28.8 KWp of solar energy. As a single unit or grouped in configurations up to +/- one megawatt, the Class S generates outputs capable of powering industrial mining facilities, remote worksites, military installations, scientific expeditions; refugee camps; and emergency services in disaster-struck areas.  Such power needs would typically require months or more of planning, design, construction and transportation logistics for a traditional fixed solar installation.


Because the transportable Class S 30 is delivered preassembled with an optional integrated battery and power management system, it is ideally suited for activation-ready solar-diesel and /or wind hybrid microgrid connectivity in grid and off-grid environments; an important area of focus for PWRstation. According to Intersolar Europe, the hybridization of solar and diesel already represents a profitable alternative for large-scale industrial users in remote, yet sunny, regions; and one in which leading project developers estimate has the potential to reach several gigawatts worldwide.


PWRstation CEO Robert Albertella indicates that “several major players in the diesel genset industry are expressing interest in partnering with us to deliver their own paired solar-diesel products under their own brands.”


By leveraging PWRstation’s unique EXOrac retractable racking system technology, the Genesis Class S genset program supports the company’s core design principles of transportability and rapid activation. PWRstation is currently delivering 20 of its smaller footprint EXOrac-based Class C systems to a refugee camp in Shimelba, Ethiopia for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to be activated early next month. 


According to Albertella, “the ability to leverage today’s global intermodal transportation system to deploy powerful, self-contained, activation-ready solar energy systems anywhere in the world is becoming a reality.”

See the Genesis Class-S here:  http://www.pwrstation.com/#!genesis-s-class/hnj1u


About PWRstation: PWRstation is a solar products development company committed to clean, renewable and environmentally sustainable energy that is affordable, easy to access and rapid to activate. The company designs and markets EXOractm, a proprietary retractable solar racking system technology uniquely engineered to simplify and accelerate the installation of solar projects -- and to function where traditional installations are not an option due to time and site constraints. The company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland with offices in the US. PWRstation is supported by the SPEco and Développement Économique de Vaud and is a member of SEIA Swisscleantech, Electrosuisse and Swissolar.


For more information, please visit: www.PWRstation.com and follow the company on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Media Contact:  Contact PWRstation Corp. media division via email at mediarelations@pwrstation.com     

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