PWRstation EXOrac System Integrator, Schneider Electric (SE) launches Villaya, a new class of highly disruptive industrial-class solar microgrid solutions using state-of-the-art transportable solar technologies. 


Villaya solutions are central to Schneider Electric’s all-important “Access to Energy” initiative aimed at providing today’s 1.3 billion people without any electricity access to reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable energy. The Access to Energy initiative is based on the principle that fundamental human needs, including water, food, health and education cannot be met if one does not have access to the single common denominator – energy.  And this fundamental need for energy is far from being met in today’s emerging markets and less developed nations of the planet. 

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With Villaya, end users can receive and immediately deploy scalable, fully operating solar microgrids with instant plug & play electricity generation in off-grid environments.

As PWRstation partner, Schneider Electric integrates EXOrac racking technology into Villaya product line, offering to:

  • Simplify and shortens "time to market" (accelerate solar deployments)

  • No upfront investment, leasing options

  • Enable deployments of variable durations and relocation of assets as needed

Villaya Emergency is available for viewing at Schneider Electric 38TEC, the company’s major facility in Grenoble, France.

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The Villaya solution is designed for critical applications including emergency response, humanitarian / NGO, rural electrification, remote mining and construction, island and defense.

Key obstacles to traditional solar energy access include 20-year minimum land requirements, long order-to-activation cycles, on-site construction crews, and high upfront capital.  The in-house-tested and warranteed Villaya is a containerized, transportable solar solution that overcomes these challenges using the latest transportable solar technologies including remote monitoring capability, long-lasting sodium-based storage batteries and unique retractable solar racking systems.

"At Schneider Electric, we want everyone on our planet to have access to reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable energy. Today nearly 1.1 billion people — almost 1 of every 5 persons on the planet — lack access to modern energy. 

By developing inclusive business models, Schneider Electric contributes to poverty alleviation and environmental protection in an innovative and economically sustainable way."