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Tryptic Rover

If you're looking for a hassle-free and lightweight solar array that's easy to install, the Tryptic Rover is perfect for you. This foldable solar panel is a great option for backyard or flat rooftop installations, and its powerful output makes it ideal for small to medium-sized homes and businesses.


Plus, the Rover's smart design makes it one of the most user-friendly solar arrays on the market today. Installation is a breeze - simply unfold the panels, plug in the connector cables, and you're ready to go. And when it's not in use, the Rover can be easily folded up and stored away.


So pre-order your Tryptic Rover solar array today and start enjoying the benefits of renewable energy!

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More kWp per cubic meter

The Tryptic Rover solar arrays are perfect for any application that requires a durable, lightweight solar panel.


With ultra-lightweight Verditek solar panels, it's easy to stack them on a single pallet. You can even load up to 10 pallets into a 40' HC container, which will save you transportation costs and handling labor.

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Easy and effortless handling

Tryptic™ patented dynamic mass balancing system ensures that opening, adjusting and closing the side panels requires very little force, making it ideal for mobile use.

And because it's made of durable materials, the Tryptic Rover solar array is built to last.


Pre-Order yours today and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with renewable energy!

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Its lightweight modules of 400Wp each make it a very powerful prefabricated prewired plug and play solar array. It also comes with conventional modules of 460Wp, making it versatile and adaptable to nearly any need or situation.

Additionally, the Tryptic Rover is designed to be very easy to set up, so you'll be able to start generating solar energy in no time at all.

Tryptic LW-Usine 1.38.jpg

Pre-order your Rover

Get ahead of the competition and get your hands on a Tryptic Rover! With PWRstation, you can be among the first to own one without breaking the bank.


All it takes is 10% down - so don't wait another minute and jump onto this amazing offer before everyone else does!

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