PWRstation makes its proprietary retractable racking system technology available for purchase by the worldwide solar industry
PWRstation Genesis 1.5kWp Closed
EXOrac delivered as a Kit
PWRstation Genesis 1.5kWp Opening
EXOrac delivered pre assembled
EXOrac with PV modules
EXOrac with PV modules

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EXOrac with PV modules10417683

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EXOrac with PV modules
EXOrac with PV modules

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EXOrac with PV modules
EXOrac with PV modules

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EXOrac delivered with modules

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 25, 2016 – PWRstation, the Swiss based solar products development company known for its transportable Genesis series solar generators, today announced its decision to make EXOrac, its proprietary “retractable” racking system technology, available for purchase by the worldwide solar industry, including  companies in the  increasingly competitive solar racking segment.  In following the footsteps of other long-standing modern entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, the shareholders of PWRstation unanimously voted in favor of this forward-thinking strategy.


Until today, PWRstation has used its EXOrac technology mainly internally for the production of its own preassembled solar product solutions, including transportable solar gensets that enable easy activation, relocation and re-activation at unmatched speeds. 


EXOrac, however, is a unique retractable assembly system that can transform typical permanent solar installations into high versatile systems that can be folded, relocated and redeployed without the high costs of dismantling, reconditioning and reinstallation.


Due to its low installation and relocation costs, EXOrac’s preassembled racking systems are ideal solutions for flat roof buildings that typically require re-roofing every 20 years, a shorter lifespan than today’s solar installations which typically require and economic life of 25 years. This unique advantage overcomes a major concern among building owners and operators regarding the placement of traditional “fixed” solar installations on their older roof tops (>5 years).


Other practical, cost-saving advantages provided by EXOrac include faster installation and relocation turn-around times, no scaffolding requirement during installation or dismounting, and open access to rooftops for scheduled roof maintenance and repairs.


In urban areas, ground based EXOrac solar installations are also being increasingly considered by property owners and utilities. With EXOrac, commercial construction lots often left idle or under-utilized for years while awaiting development can be transformed into short or medium term solar energy producing zones (<5 -8 years); heretofore economically unfeasible using today’s typical permanent installations. Thus, EXOrac technology delivers significant advantages over traditional solar installations while offering entirely new market opportunities.


In emerging nations, EXOrac systems are expected to lead to a substantial reduction in fossil fuel consumption that today drive millions of diesel gensets in off-grid environments.  PWRstation recently secured a contract with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to supply several dozen of its transportable Genesis series solar gensets which will be deployed in various refugee camps in the Spring of 2016.


Off-grid rural electrification in developing markets, which is just now beginning to be seriously addressed, will represent more than $ 100 billion per year by 2020 according to the IEA, a veritable bonanza, for years to come.


The makers of battery storage and other energy management systems hope to position themselves in these markets by integrating solar modules to their own technology. Those solar mounting system technologies that are easiest to integrate will be the most able to effectively meet this immediate demand.


The renewable energy media is unanimous regarding the solar industry:  “Investments in all segments of the U.S. solar industry will increase. VCs will emerge from their cleantech shells and invest in hardware, software and business models that reduce direct and indirect installation costs -- as well as accelerate solar deployments in new market segments.” (Source: Greentech Media)


Robert Albertella, CEO of PWRstation says, “The solar industry and renewable energy sector in general must confront an ardent, highly organized and influential adversary.  Our best weapon for safeguarding the planet is to share technologies, achieve economies of scale and to pursue business models that are more equitable and collaborative.”  


The PWRstation R&D team as dedicated much of 2015 perfecting EXOrac system kits for OEMs, EPCs and installers who prefer centralizing assembly at their own facilities. The cost efficient kits are delivered with uncompromised quality control “built in” and freight packing that optimizes transportation, delivery and enables rapid unloading and assembly..  PWRstation’s collaborative strategy and open system architecture, which accepts most major photovoltaic modules available today, are central for achieving PWRstation’s goal to establish an industry standard for retractable and transportable solar racking system technology.


EXOrac technology is now being made available for OEM “white label” product manufacturing, featuring “EXOrac Inside” branding on final products by customers who plan to commercialize their products using PWRstation kits.  PWRstation has opted for this commercialization strategy versus a typical licensing agreement to achieve economies of scale by grouping larger orders to meet global demand, resulting in optimized costs.


PWRstation is actively recruiting solar distributors, integrators and OEMs in the US and worldwide who seek to offer EXOrac solutions to their commercial, industrial, utility and residential customers; as well as to humanitarian services and armed forces




About PWRstation: PWRstation is a solar products development company committed to clean, renewable and environmentally sustainable energy that is affordable, easy to access and rapid to activate. PWRstation designs and markets a proprietary solar racking system technology uniquely engineered to simplify and accelerate the implementation of today’s solar installations in grid and off-grid environments.


The company’s racking solutions are offered in various size configurations and levels of assembly for commercial and residential flat roof and ground mounted applications in urban areas; as well as activation-ready Genesis solar generators with integrated PV panels and inverters, pre-wired for grid-tied and off-grid applications. The company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, with offices in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, Miami, Florida and Charlottes, North Carolina, USA. PWRstation is a supported by the SPEco and Développement Économique de Vaud and member of SEIA SwissCleantech, Electrosuisse and Swisssolar.


For more information please visit:  and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.


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