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Driven by motivated individuals located in Europe and the US, PWRstation has strived to bring a new level of simplicity within the solar energy industry.

To achieve this,  our team has been focusing its efforts on creating incredibly versatile prefabricated product solutions that are fast, easy to install, and moveable.


Thus, our products not only streamline solar installations but also enable the use of solar power in challenging situations, such as events, construction sites, and humanitarian operations, saving valuable time and resources for experts in the field

Company overview

PWRstation is a Swiss company that has revolutionized the solar energy industry since its founding in 2014. Despite having no prior experience or knowledge of this field, five entrepreneurial minds – Roberto Albertella, Ludovic Roche, William Berenson, Gianfranco Albertella and Didier Cellerier - joined forces to develop pioneering assembly technologies for solar panels that enable faster implementation and greater efficiency.


With an unwavering ambition to bring large-scale craftsmanship into the industrial production process, the team has been able to achieve notable success in designing and patenting innovative solar power solutions that address the needs of residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale environments.


PWRstation's stats and facts sheet

Since it began, PWRstation has successfully implemented a range of projects in various locations. These not only provided customers with viable solutions but also enabled the R&D team to gain invaluable insight. Through engaging in numerous Proofs Of Concept, PWRstation have been able to reach an impressive level of quality and performance that is now ready for large-scale manufacture use.

Their influence has been far reaching, as evidenced by their collaboration in 2016 with the UNHCR for supplying SHIMELBA refugee camp in Ethiopia EXORAC systems-a move which stands testament to PWRStation's leadership role within its domain.

PWRstation is boldly stepping into 2023 with a pioneering business model that puts the focus on reliability, quality and economic viability to create an equitable and circular economy.


Our Products

PWRstation is revolutionizing the world of renewable energy solutions by introducing its Tryptic family of products. This patented technology fuses together three solar panels and connects them with hinges to make storage, transportation, and use easier than ever before! By combining this innovative mechanical connection that allows synchronized rotation on two external modules with a dynamic mass balancing effect handled either manually or through motorization for automated precise positioning - PWRstation is making their mark in nature-inspired green living.

Tryptic is a revolutionary product family; a combination inspired by nature that comes in two versions (Rover and Raptor) with remarkable features.

Tryptic Rover is designed for temporary and itinerant use while the Tryptic Raptor can produce energy with optimized "photon capture" capabilities, along with enhanced self-protection system durability. As an additional benefit - both models offer light solar panels as options for those looking for convenience in portability.

With folding characteristics similar to Origami paper art, Tryptic Raptor also has impressive tracking abilities – mimicking sunflowers by following sunlight direction throughout day changes - plus turtle shell levels protection when needed and chameleon mutable adaptivity which makes it stand out due to having survival properties reminiscent of how wild species continuously evolve everyday alongside their environment's needs.


Our business model

Tryptic is available on a global scale through four distinct pathways: three concerning distribution, and the fourth being technology licensing.


PWRstation Holding offers Tryptic via its online store, accessible by consumers far and wide who can either install or employ professional help for assembly and delivery of their purchases from our many local partners around the world.

Integrator partners

Companies that design and market transportable solutions for water/air treatment or power generation, mostly in sea containers, receive Tryptic as a kit to be assembled with their preferred brand of solar modules.

They are supplied with Tryptic as a Kit to be assembled with their preferred brand of solar modules and market it under their own brand, with the mention "licensed by PWRstation".


We grant them a non-exclusive license to manufacture the parts, assemble the products and market them worldwide under their own brand and warranty.

Be one of our partners!


What's next

2023 will be an exciting time for PWRstation with a series of ambitious operations set to reach their apex. In the spring, they will establish their research laboratory, "the PWR-Lab", in Switzerland as well as launch a manufacturing and logistics plant.

This is where they will begin discussions leading to breakthroughs and prototypes before newly designed products are created. Its central location also lends itself perfectly to shipping components either as kits or assembled and ready for distribution.


To further expand their reach, PWRstation end the year on an even higher note by inaugurating two production centers - one in Florida for North and South America and another in the United Arab Emirates for Middle East and African markets.

By efficiently targeting multiple locations, there is no doubt that PWRstation will make a direct impact on global market demand with their 2023 initiatives.

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