Lausanne’s emerging PWRstation™ solar genset company achieves time-to-activation record: 3 kw in less than 30 minutes
Lausanne’s emerging PWRstation™ solar genset company achieves time-to-activation record: 3 kw in less than 30 minutes
PWRstation Genesis Solar Mobile Generator
PWRstation Genesis Solar Mobile Generator
PWRstation Genesis Solar Mobile Generator
PWRstation Genesis Solar Mobile Generator
PWRstation Genesis Solar Mobile Generator
PWRstation Genesis Solar Mobile Generator

Moutier, Switzerland, July 13, 2015 — Emerging Swiss solar solutions company PWRstation achieves a time-to-Activation record.


During a recent product activation in the cleantech city of Moutier in Switzerland, PWRstation succeeded in doing what the industry is striving to achieve – install solar energy systems in record time. 


The activation was based on PWRstation’s Genesis 3 kW model which is comprised of 10 photovoltaic panels.  The Genesis 5 kW comprised of 16 panels and based on the same proprietary racking system takes the same time to activate.


PWRstation Chief Commercial Officer Gianfranco Albertella says, “The “less than 30 minutes to activate” claim includes placement of the Genesis on the facility’s roof top. According to current industry criteria used to measure the speed of solar installations, the time to deploy and activate the PWRstation Genesis actually took under 5 minutes. This equates to 16 panels in less than five minutes, compared to today’s fastest installation claims of roughly 12 panels per hour.”  In other words, today’s PWRstation activation is 16 times faster than today’s fastest installation.


While global demand for solar energy continues to reach record levels, today’s solar installations require custom design, engineering and implementation, often making the acquisition and activation process long and complicated.


Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland and with offices in Miami, Florida, PWRstation designs and manufactures preassembled, transportable, activation-ready solar gensets for residential, commercial and off-grid use; uniquely engineered to remove the complexities, time and costs associated with fixed solar installations.   


PWRstation Genesis models come with 3 and 5 kilowatt (kW) power ratings and are characterized by their proprietary photovoltaic (PV) racking systems which allow them to retract for transport and unfold for active power generation. A 5 kW Genesis can provide the electricity required to power an average household (4-5 people) in developed markets.  Early next year the company will introduce the PWRstation Oasis with power ratings of 50 kW and 100kW.


“Our solutions respond very effectively to the energy needs of urban environments, especially regarding flat roof tops,” says Gianfranco Albertella, PWRstation’s Chief Commercial Officer. Today’s typical fixed rooftop solar installations are slated to last 20 to 25 years, whereas flat roof tops require maintenance every 15 years on average (or sooner in case of leaks). The idea of having to dismantle and re-install a fixed solar installation is discouraging to many property owners, who ultimately choose to forego the benefits of solar because of it.


Moutier’s 3kW PWRstation rooftop activation took less than 30’ minutes. When the city structure where it is currently positioned is knocked down for renovation later this year, the PWRstation will simply be relocated and reactivated at another location, demonstrating the remarkable versatility of these innovative devices.


Francois Cornu, Senior Project Director at DEV Economic Development State of Vaud, a Cantonal government sponsor who has been working closely with the management of PWRstation says, “Promoting innovative Swiss companies is very important to us.  The emergence of PWRstation as a rapidly growing concern is very exciting.”


 “We are delighted to activate a PWRstation for the city of Moutier“, says PWRstation CEO Robert Albertella. “While PWRstation is a Swiss cleantech company poised for global growth, we are especially proud to serve customers here in Switzerland. We acknowledge and thank both the city of Moutier and the Service de la Promotion Économique et du Commerce in Lausanne for their exceptional support.”


This year distributed photovoltaic systems (DPV) —i.e., those sized 100 kW or smaller—are expected to account for 49.5 GW, or 30 percent of global installations. The nascent but growing market for solar in Switzerland currently accounts for about 300 MW per year.  PWRstation solutions are ideally suited to address growing demand for DPV in the residential, commercial and off-grid sectors in developed and developing markets. 



About The City of Moutier : Moutier is a municipality in the Jura Bernois administrative district in the Canton of Bern in Switzerland. It is located in the French-speaking Bernese Jura (Jura Bernois).


The City of Moutier is a member of La Société à 2000 watts, a Swiss energy membership of leading Swiss municipalities dedicated to energy conservation and sustainability, and as a recipient of the ‘European City of Energy’ award.



About PWRstation : PWRstation is a solar products development company committed to clean, renewable and environmentally sustainable energy that is affordable, easy to access and rapid to activate.


Engineered in Switzerland, PWRstations are mass customized, fully integrated and preassembled solar gensets that remove the complexities, time and cost of typical solar installations; bringing economies of scale to a global industry characterized by time and labor intensive custom-built projects.


PWRstation products are designed to address the growing need for hybrid, microgrid and nanogrid technology, offering a versatile design that integrates with other forms of energy generation including diesel, wind and thermal in both grid-tied and off-grid environments.


The company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, with offices in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and Miami, Florida.   PWRstation is a member of SEIA and SwissCleantech.


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