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The mission of PWRstation is to eliminate the complexities, shorten the time and reduce the deployment constraints typically characterized by traditional fixed solar installations; making solar energy easily accessible to everyone worldwide.
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PWRstation’s mission is to remove the complexities, time and constraints of traditional fixed solar installations and make solar energy immediately accessible and to function when and where traditional installations are not viable options.

Legal structure
PWRstation Americas (a.k.a PWRstation Corp) was established in Miami, Florida in December 2013.
The Company was subsequently invited by the Vaud Cantonal government sponsored SPECo, Service de la Promotion Économique et du Commerce, to establish its corporate holding entity in the Swiss city of Lausanne in the Canton of Vaud and extended a grant to further develop the Company.
PWRstation Holding  was officially established in Lausanne in June 2014 and now owns 100% of its subsidiaries.


intermodal pv

PWRstation's Intermodal PV series offers more transportable solar energy output per cubic foot than anything on the market. Our 40 'containerized solution includes 20 PWR Boxes, each including 4 Racks of 6X 60 cells solar modules.

160 KWp of clean and reliable DC power, ready to be plugged into an existing power management system or a new one provided by one of our integration partners.

pwr box

Self-contained retractable solar array,  including 4 Racks of 6X 60 cells solar modules.

The solar arrays can be plugged into an Inverter and easily stored into the PWR Box in case of hurricane or transfer to another power production Site.


Ready-to-use solutions consisting of:

• A local installer
• Solar Array or Intermodal PV products
• Power management system, provided by our solution-partners

.... all in one

exorac FOR OEM'S

Our unique EXOrac retractable racking technology can serve as a defining ingredient that enables mobile, modular and re-deployable solar energy solutions for commercial end users.

Well Beyond Proof of Concept 
(Tech + Sales)
PWRstation has deployed dozens of EXOrac installations of varying sizes around the world both independently and in partnership with several of the world’s biggest commercial and industrial brands.
We are now launching PWRstation Intermodal PV, a truly disruptive commercial, industrial and military-grade flagship product series at mainstream pricing.
Business Model is financially viable

PWRstation partners with major system integrators and EPCs (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) around the world that leverage our USP to win major off-grid solar and diesel energy opportunities in key sectors where our products offer clear competitive advantages.

Well-identified unique selling proposition (USP)

PWRstation’s universal selling proposition is to enable on-demand, mobile, modular and redeployable solar energy solutions virtually anywhere and at any time.
PWRstation's Intermodal PV product series offers the same practical advantages as today’s standard fossil fuel solutions without remote delivery and fossil fuel price volatility risks.


PWRstation has earned a customer base comprised of many leading commercial and industrial companies including Schneider Electric, Tesla, Kasab Energy, Sustain Energy, Blackstump Energy, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and other majors which we cannot yet mention.


Each year more than 1.5 million generators are sold on the African continent alone.

The global microgrid market is expected to grow from 1.4 GW in 2015 to 7.6 GW in 2024. This represents a growth of more than 400% capacity over 10 years. This market is expected to reach $23 billion in 2021, up from its current level of about $12 billion.

Target Markets
- Humanitarian, Emergency
- Mining
- Water solutions
- Areas with high hurricane exposure
- Telecom Towers
- Defense
- Flat roofs and Ground mounted
- Leasing (short and medium term)
Stock market launch / exit strategy (2024)

spreading the world with clean, sustainable and affordable  power