the ideal mobile solar power station for military and emergency applications

exoRAC™ ARMADA MG 40' Intermodal PV mobile solar power plant

In today’s highly mobile and decentralized battlefield, apart from food, fuel is the largest operational sustainment demand at the organizational level of war. Minimizing diesel fuel deliveries to forward operating bases (FOBs) can help minimize casualties.

When it comes to resilience and persistence, the EXOrac™ Armada MG 40' INTERMODAL PV delivers more mobile solar power per cubic foot than any other product on the global market. The EXOrac™ Armada can be used as a standalone power source or it can be hybridized to optimize solar-diesel energy output.

more transportable solar energy output per cubic foot than anything on the market

• 20x self-contained "docking units" in a 40' High Cube container
• Each docking unit comprising 4x fully functional solar arrays
• Each array comprising 6x 340Wp Tier 1 solar panels

 = 163,2 KWp of clean and reliable DC power, ready to be plugged into your existing power management system or a new one provided by one of our integration partners.

robust racking system

• The MG versions of our products are equipped with our EXOrac™ V4, specially designed to address extreme conditions

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how to get into the game

Our MG series is distributed through a network of partners selected according to strict criteria:

• Partner purchases a demonstration model
• Partner will participate with PWRstation’s R&D Team to meet compliance requirements of each nation’s defense department
• Partner will receive an exclusive resale and service authorization for his or her country