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Transportable Solar Genset


Product application based on EXOrac technology, Genesis introductory line of self-contained transportable solar generators is a compelling alternative or complement to traditional diesels Gensets, especially for off-grid applications

PWRstation Genesis C - Class models come as complete, fully integrated "plug & play" solar units can be delivered pre-assembled, including photovoltaic panels, inverter and wiring, engineered to improve safety and drive down costs.


PWRstation Genesis is ideal for a wide range of applications :



Off Grid Application :


  • Rural Electrification

  • Industrial mining and construction

  • Scientific and military expeditions

  • First response emergencies

  • Commercial film shoots

  • Large public events


...and the 1.5 billion people living in developing nations with limited or no energy infrastructure, which includes off-grid homes, villages and refugee camps


Urban applications :


With retractable PV panel systems that open and close, PWRstations take advantage of under-utilized space; whether used as flat roof or ground mounted systems, consider any open property, including sports fields, tennis courts, outdoor hotel conference areas, downtown squares, idle construction sites or public parks…


When such spaces are not in use, they can be used for producing energy.

Are you interested in carrying PWRstation

Genesis S-Class Transportable Solar Power Plant ?

Please feel free to contact us !

PWRstation GENESIS Advantages


  • Can be delivered pre-assembled and fully integrated 

  • For off-grid and urban use

  • Requires minimal installation, shortens time to activation

  • Utilizes idle areas of property

  • Can easily be relocated

  • Transportable via train, truck, cargo ship or aircraft

  • Installer and OEM - distributed

  • Attractive sales and leasing programs


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