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A Smart Box converts your existing diesel generator into a Hybrid Power System through its smart inverter and battery systems combined with its plug and play generator and solar PV interface. Improving reliability and lowering fuel and maintenance costs.

Out of the Box Energy Solutions specialises in off-grid hybrid power systems. The Power Box is the top choice for residential and industrial customers across Southern Africa for whom connection to the grid or a reliable grid is not an option.


If you're a mobile construction site, a remote tented camp, disaster relief, rural development commercial centre or simply an agricultural or industrial application that is isolated and unable to connect to the existing grid, then Smart Box is the solution for you.


Power Box combines solar energy production with integrated energy storage that is augmented with generator power for peak power demand periods and/or extended periods of low sunshine. Power Box systems ensure uninterrupted electricity and hot water in all conditions. When combined with our structured sub-metering and pay as you go tariff systems, your Power Box can become a revenue stream.

The hybrid power generation and design architecture provides redundancy to ensure continuous operation through any single system failure. Additionally, it significantly reduces the fuel and maintenance costs while improving reliability and once set up, the system operates almost autonomously, with the capability of remote monitoring and control.

As official PWRstation OEM partner, Out of the Box Energy Solutions integrates EXOrac racking technology into the Smartbox overall offering to:

  • Simplify and shortens "time to market" (accelerate solar deployments)

  • No upfront investment, leasing options

  • Enable deployments of variable durations and relocation of assets as needed

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